Chase Sullivan

Wrongfully killed by police

What Happened

On August 31, 2018, two Fairview, TN police officers, Jamey Meadows and Jordan Whaley, responding to a welfare check, broke down the door of the private home of Chase Sullivan, who was alone, and shot him three times, including once in his back. He died at the scene.

Quite conveniently, the data on the body camera one of the officers was wearing was corrupt and cannot be used to tell what happened. Since they killed him, we only have one story.

The District Attorney, Kim Helper, along with the "grand jury", evaluated the evidence and decided the officers did nothing wrong and shouldn't be prosecuted. The police are back on duty.

We want justice and consequences for what they did. The police who killed him, the Fairview police department which supports them, and the district attorney who sees nothing wrong with what they did are all guilty.

We need your help to obtain justice so that one of your family members aren't next.

We want:

  • The two police officers who killed Chase, Jamey Meadows and Jordan Whaley, to be prosecuted for murder
  • The two police officers who killed Chase, Jamey Meadows and Jordan Whaley, to lose their jobs in disgrace and never be allowed to hold another law enforcement position.
  • The city of Fairview, TN to pay a very considerable sum to Chase's daughter and mother so that the city will care about who they hire, the training they get, the seriousness of body cameras, and the cost of supporting behavior that doesn't benefit the public or support their mission

More Details

Chase was alone in his own home and pretty heavily sedated (likely sleeping) with substances such as alcohol, Benadryl, and his prescribed antidepressants. He had texted his aunt messages that caused her concern, so she tried to call a suicide hotline for help. For some reason, the suicide hotline was not available, so instead she called 911 which dispatched two Fairview, TN police for a welfare check. Upon arriving, they busted his door open. Chase's best friend was outside the door by this time and tried telling the police officers to let him go in first and talk to my friend Chase. The two cops refused and went in guns drawn and flashlights on (it was dark out). They spread around the living room instead of staying by the door where they would have been able to retreat if needed. Chase then came out of his room and into sight at this point, having likely been woken up by the door being busted open. According to the police, Chase grabbed a knife (as there were intruders in his home). Then, accoring to the police, as police officers pointed their guns and lights at him, he approached them, and the officers shot him several times, including in the back. He died immediately. Chase's friend witnessed all of this.

The DA decided to let these police officers off with no charges, and they are back on duty in the force. They have had no consequences. Furthermore, one of the police officers had the data on his body cam somehow conveniently corrupted. How often does data become corrupted naturally in 2018?

A welfare check should not lead to the murder of a man, alone, in his own home. The police had tasers on them and could have used those. They could have backed off, attempted to de-escalate the situation, or any other of several non-lethal options. I have no doubt that if the police were not called or had acted differently, Chase would still be here today.

About Chase

Chase Sullivan was born on September 22, 1981. He was 36 years old at the time of his passing. He left behind an 11 year old daughter, mother, brother, and many other family members and friends that deeply cared for him.

Notes and Letters on Chase

Jill Hart
  • When I heard the news of Chase's passing I was completely heartbroken. We dated for about a year about 7 or 8 years ago but always remained friends. That's just the kind of guy he was. He was so kind hearted and silly. He always had me laughing about the dumbest things. His goal in life was to take care of his mother and daughter. He was always so worried about them. Yes he would have his moments where he was feeling down but who doesn't?? He cared so much about his family and had a hard time coping with the loss of his sister, to be expected. He still had big dreams and such a zest for life. His passing was so tragic and completely unnecessary. I can only pray for his family and hope he is finally at peace with his sister, Melody.
Kandy King
Candi Davis

How to Help

Please call the following people and demand justice:

  • Governor of Tennessee - Bill Lee, 615-741-2001
  • Tennessee Senator - Lamar Alexander, 202-224-4944
  • Tennessee Senator - Marsha Blackburn, 202-224-3344
  • Tennessee 7th congressional district representative - Mark Green, 202-225-2811